Trick or Treat Tag

I wasn’t necessarily tagged in this tag, but I wanted to do it anyway since its October and Halloween is coming soon. Also, I couldn’t find the creator of the tag so I cant give credit, if you know them by any chance please give them a big shout-out in the comments.  Now, the tag consists on me telling you some books I’ve read recently that were a treat and others that tricked me and didn’t live up to my expectations. Let’s go!

northanger abbey

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen: Treat

I’m a huge Jane Austen fan. I’ve watched all her book to movie adaptations and read 3 of her books (now 4). I’m pleased to inform this book is honestly one of my favorites, the movie truly doesn’t do justice to the book. This book was so funny and different from anything I’ve read by Austen, yet it still has Austen’s trademark humor, sarcasm, and wit.


The Trophy wives club by Kristin Billerbeck: Trick

Sometimes I like to read Christian fiction books just to change things a bit, to learn and reflect about life in an entertaining way; however, I was sadly disappointed by this book. It had the right plot base to be a great book, but I didn’t enjoy the way the story developed.wires

Wires and Nerve: Gone Rouge by Marissa Meyer: Treat

 I’m a huge fan of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, so when I saw this book at my local library I had to pick it up. My TBR list was thrown out the window and this book was bumped all the way up. This is a graphic novel that follows Iko who is in a quest after the end of the book series. It was so heartwarming to watch all the characters together again for the last time. Definitely a real treat.agnes

Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie & Bob Mayer: Trick

Jennifer Crusie has been in my radar ever since I read her book Bet me and LOVED IT, so when I came across this book at the library I decided to give it a shot. Unfortunately, Agnes and the Hitman was a really dumb book that was funny at times, but ended up being annoying in the end.wait for it

Wait for it by Mariana Zapata: Treat

Boy was this book a treat. I picked this book after I saw a tweet referencing Mariana Zapata as one of the best slow-burn romance authors and let me tell you this is 100% true. Wait for it is a great story of two people that were not looking for each other, but they found each other anyway. It’s a story about family, friendship, grief and love. It didn’t matter that this book was over 600 pages or that when I read it I had a bunch of other things to do for school, I finished this puppy in less than a week.

I hope y’all enjoyed this tag as much as me. If you’re like me and want to do this tag even though you were not tagged, go ahead and do it. I TAG YOU!

Comment below if you’ve read any of these books and whether you enjoyed them or not!

Thank you for reading!cropped-abookwormreads

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