I’m Back!

Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been completely MIA in the past few months, it’s been crazy.

First of all, I moved back to the US (sadly) and back to Texas, where I was not prepared (even thought I should have) for the heat wave that slapped me in the face as a welcome back present as soon as I landed

man GIF

Anyway, since I moved back, I’ve been working like crazy, taking a summer class and had family visiting, so sadly I haven’t read as much as I would have liked. I actually thought I would be reading a lot because the class that I’m taking is about the development of the novel, but it turned out to be dud and I’m not learning ANYTHING *lowkey annoyed* Whatever. It’s almost over.

iron man eye roll GIF

In other news, I changed the blog theme and the headers, I hope you guys like them. I mean, tbh there isn’t much of a difference, but I like them.

I’ll see you soon with new posts!

Kristen Bell Kisses GIF by Team Coco

Thank you for reading!

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