Bookish Things I’ve Changed My Mind About

Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Top 5 Wednesday and since our lovely host Sam is taking a break for the summer, I’m doing one of the old topis I didn’t get to do a few months back.

Top 5 Bookish Things I’ve Changed My Mind About

— This can cover any bookish topic you want: tropes, characters, TBRs, genres, anything!

Annotating. For the longest time, the thought of writing or highlighting a book made me die a little inside. Now, I love highlighting my books whenever I find a quote that really resonates with me. Sometimes I even wish I didn’t get almost all of my books from my local library so I could keep those quotes.

Dystopian. My taste for dystopian novels didn’t last long after reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth, since then they are a hard pass for me and I don’t even bother with them.

Love triangles. I used to be okay with love triangles, you know, nothing special. Now, on the other hand, I hate them with a passion. I can’t stand them. I avoid them at all cost, they are just too stressful and annoying. 

Unhauling. When I was younger, the thought of getting rid of my books was sacrilegious to me. Now, every so often I go to my local second-hand bookstore and resell them for store credit so I can get some new books! 

Love at first sight. When I was young and naive I could get on board with the love at first sight/soulmates trope. Now, after reading my fair share of romance novels, I find it unrealistic and dumb. 

That’s it for me! What are some bookish things you’ve changed your mind about?

Thank y’all for reading!

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