A Winter’s Promise by Christelle Dabos


Lose yourself in the fantastic world of the arks and in the company of unforgettable characters in this French runaway hit, Christelle Dabos’ The Mirror Visitor quartet.

Plain-spoken, headstrong Ophelia cares little about appearances. Her ability to read the past of objects is unmatched in all of Anima and, what’s more, she possesses the ability to travel through mirrors, a skill passed down to her from previous generations. Her idyllic life is disrupted, however, when she is promised in marriage to Thorn, a taciturn and influential member of a distant clan. Ophelia must leave all she knows behind and follow her fiancé to Citaceleste, the capital of a cold, icy ark known as the Pole, where danger lurks around every corner and nobody can be trusted. There, in the presence of her inscrutable future husband, Ophelia slowly realizes that she is a pawn in a political game that will have far-reaching ramifications not only for her but for her entire world.

My Review

I have mixed feelings about this book. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but at the same time this is not a bad thing.

Let’s start with what I enjoyed. 

I Loved the world and the magic. It is unlike any other I have read before, and I’m really excited to learn more about the different arcs.

In the novel, Ophelia, our main character, lives in a flying arc after an event called the Retribution happened in which the earth exploded and was divided into different flying arcs. Each arc is “governed” by a family spirit. I use the term “governed” very loosely because they don’t really do anything other than sit there and watch as everyone else kills each other to gain his favor. 

What I didn’t enjoy. 

My main issue was with the main character Ophelia. I think she had so much potential to be a strong character, I mean she can WALK THROUGH MIRRORS and READ AN OBJECT’S HISTORY if that’s not badass then I don’t know what it is, but instead she was just very passive.  People kept using her and stepping all over her, and that just doesn’t sit well with me. However, I was excited to see that by the end of the book she grew a little spine so I still have hope for her.

My other problem was the “romance”. I’m not gonna lie, being the romance lover that I am, I was kind of excited to see the development of the romance between the two main characters, but it kind of fell short for me? Idk It could have been better.

Despite these two problems, I couldn’t really put the book down. The world and the story are so gripping that I will most definitely continue reading the series.


Thank you for reading!

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